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Data Engine for ecommerce

The data engine for ecommerce

Built to help ecommerce companies unify their data so they can get better insights, make smarter decisions to accelerate growth.


Better Data

Empower your business with accurate and trustworthy data in a centralized datastore, owned by you


Smarter Decisions

Get the answers you need with beautiful and accurate customer insights out of the box


Measurable Lift

Grow your company with tools to help you identify more customers, increase revenue and measure the results


Unify your data

Say goodbye to data silos and fragmentation. Imagine your entire team connected to one central dataset, owned by you.

Solve enables you to query large datasets, single records and key stats with a data engine built for commerce.

Take control of your data and empower your teams to make smarter decisions with one central data source.

  • Owned by you
  • Runs on your infrastructure
  • First party data that you collect
  • GDPR and Privacy compliant
Unify your data
Get better insights
Insights for Marketers

Get better insights

Out of the box solve comes with beautiful customer insights that are essential to your business

Understand buyer behaviour and get key metrics such as interests, lifetime value, time to purchase, with easy to understand visualizations.

  • A single view of the customer
  • Revenue metrics
  • Entire history of customer activity
  • Privacy tools and audit log
Query Engine for Data Analysts

Answer any question

Designed for the data nerds in your company, Solve Query Engine allows you to query your entire dataset with SQL, so you can answer the hard questions, easily.

  • Real Time
  • Web Based
  • Exports to CSV
Query Engine

Example use cases


Increase LTV

Create audiences of high value customers, based on past activity


Get more sales

Build retargeting lists of people who viewed your site but didn’t purchase


Improve ad performance

Query user activity from ad clicks through to page views and orders

Convert more sales
Cart Conversion

Convert more sales

Solve’s advanced identity resolution can give you a 20% lift on abandoned cart conversions, resulting in a significant lift to your sales.

And the best part, it works with your existing shopping cart and email software.

  • Multi-touch Attribution reports
  • Trustworthy & unbiased reporting
Multi-touch Attribution

Increase marketing efficiency

  • Multi-touch Attribution reports
  • Trustworthy & unbiased reporting

Solve’s insights help you save money by helping you understand where your advertising dollars are being most effective.

See the lead source on all traffic & sales, and connect the dots from ad spend through to conversion.

Compare the impact with first touch, last touch & multi-touch attribution.

API for Developers

Connect your business

Your entire dataset is available via a fast and modern GraphQL API. So whether you need to log activity against a profile, fetch order information, or query a customers details, Solve makes it easy to integrate your business.

  • Well documented GraphQL API
  • Fast response times
  • Fine grained permissions control
Connect your business

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