Your in-house data management platform

Data Enablement

Upgrade your internal data infrastructure, so your business can run in real time

API Endpoint Management

Fine grained API access for internal and external teams with built-in data retention policies

Privacy & GDPR

Audit data flows at the access level to comply with ever changing data privacy laws

Smart Optimization

A platform that automatically optimizes your data infrastructure based on your unique business needs

Unleash your Engineers

Less time maintaining legacy systems, more time growing your business

  • Do your third-party SaaS providers know more about your customers than you do?

  • Has your data warehouse turned into a data swamp?

  • Is “middleware” a swear word at your company?

  • Are you struggling with legacy systems?

  • Are your data scientists spending more time cleansing data than analyzing it?

  • Is your engineering team being distracted by GDPR requests?

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